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We empower passionate educators to transform student lives and save time by integrating social-emotional learning into their existing curriculum for improved CALM...

Classroom Management

Academic Achievement

Leading with Equity

Mental Health


Research-Based, SEL Professional Learning 


SEL that leads to higher test scores.


SEL that makes classroom management easier.

Teaching English
SEL that supports equity for all.
Recycling in the Classroom
SEL that contributes to increased mental health of students and teachers.

Meet TOC's CEO 


My name is Dr. Heidi Stevenson and I’ll never forget sitting at my desk and the initial excitement I felt when learning that SEL and student well-being were becoming valued in education. I stood up to share it with my colleagues, but sat back down as reality set in. 


I found myself head in hand, grappling with questions like, "How can I possibly learn a new curriculum and integrate it into my packed teaching schedule?" and "How do I even begin to navigate the maze of SEL frameworks and CASEL competencies?" I literally felt like my head was spinning so I set it aside.


What made me pick it back up and commit to SEL? 


I later learned that teaching with SEL competencies can raise test scores by an impressive 11 percentile points and significantly increase prosocial behavior in students (Durlak et. al, 2011). That was all the incentive I needed. I dove deep into an intensive SEL training and started integrating these transformative strategies into my own classroom.


I was so inspired by the difference I saw in students’ mental health and well-being, as well as the time it saved, that I committed to teaching other educators about SEL through non-profit work, designing a conference,  publishing articles, co-editing a journal, helping create California's SEL benchmarks and serving as an SEL consulting partner.


Throughout this journey I consistently heard from educators about four main areas of frustration: managing a classroom, being culturally responsive, raising test scores and handling the increasing mental health issues they were facing in their classrooms every day. Many of them felt like I did early on, that integrating SEL seemed like a good idea but it felt out of reach. I knew something had to be done.

That’s why I founded Transformative Outcomes Consulting (TOC) to provide a direct answer to these four challenges; the CALM Professional Learning (PL) training in SEL. It's 

an interactive PL that helps educators learn practical, research-based strategies that seamlessly integrate into what they are already teaching, offering measurable improvement in the four areas that constitute CALM (classroom management, academic achievement, leading with equity, and mental health). 


Since launching CALM, we’ve had the privilege of seeing good teachers transform into great teachers who positively contribute to increased student achievement and well-being. After 22 years of training teachers, I can’t imagine anything I would rather do than lead the TOC team in increasing CALM for as many teachers and students as possible - to support success for all.  


Ready to be part of this transformative journey? Let's increase CALM together.


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